A Daughter’s Ode

Growing up as an only child, people tend to ask me to whom I am closer with, my mom or my dad?  I always say I love them equally and my mom will react that I’m a daddy’s girl. I’ll just react by smiling and asking “Am I?” When I think of it, I’ve spent a lot of time with my dad as a kid. He will accompany me wherever I go. I remember how he spent time with me during holidays, taking me to different malls and amusement parks while we wait for mom. When I want to try new things he’ll do it with me, he made me feel like I can do anything without hesitation because he will always be there to protect me.  I feel safest when dad is beside me.

Our father-daughter relationship didn’t change as I get older, but instead, he became my rock. A strong, firm and dependable rock that ties our family together. At times when everything seems to crumble down and there’s no way out, he never loses hope and supports us in every way. He always puts us first even when we eat(which is our one way of bonding as a family), he always gives us delicious part of the food first before getting his own part. My dad’s selfless ways made me respect him more. I figured I want to be as selfless as he is and I’m trying my best.

As a husband, this sounds cheesy but he is my mom’s perfect prince. He’s smart, knows how to cook(they even taste delicious!), he can even wash dishes and clothes, he cleans very well and he can fix broken things. He loves to joke around which complements my mom because she’s often serious and I think dad brings out her wacky side. Seeing them tease each other like teenagers make me cringe at times but I find it wonderful. Their love is something I look up to, it’s an indestructible bond  built by years of friendship. It feels great to grow with that kind of love all around me.

After saying all these things. . I think my mom has a point in calling me a daddy’s girl. haha. That being said, I would like to dedicate this blog post to my dad because it’s his birthday today. I want him to know how blessed I feel that he is my father. I’ve heard and seen a lot of stories about dads who are strict, bossy, and kill-joy and I always seem to contradict this kind of stereotyping because my dad isn’t at all like that. He may be strict sometimes but it’s always reasonable and he makes sure I understand that. Rather than being bossy, he just guides me by giving advises and sharing his own experiences so I won’t make the same mistake. Moreover, I can say that he is a cool dad because he’s the type of dad who will always allow me to do what I want as long as I know my limits and responsibilities. He even tells me to go out with my friends when I spend too much time at home. All he wants is for me to enjoy my youth and experience life to the fullest and I think that’s a total perk of being his daughter.

I know I’ve said this before but I don’t know if I’ve said it enough. Thank you, Dad!  I want you to know that I always appreciate everything you do for me and our family. We might argue sometimes but I know it’s just because we care.  All I wish for you is to have good health and happiness because you deserve it. Here is a poem I prepared for you on your special day:


A Daughter’s Ode

To my dearest Dada,

Who cradled me to sleep long before I can call him father,

Who always held my hand so my feeble steps won’t falter,

The one who tried hard to make me smile when I weep,

Every childhood memory with you, in my heart I’ll always keep.

To my dearest Daddy,

Who gave me sound advises that I carried as I grow,

Who always guides me at times when I didn’t know where to go,

The one who was always there in times of trouble,

With your selfless ways, you gain my respect in double.

To my dearest Dad,

Who continues to be my inspiration into adulthood,

Who shares his wisdom so I’ll always do good,

The one who teaches me how to be brave amidst difficulties,

He encourages me never to run away from my responsibilities.

From the day I managed to call you Dada,

to the day I can finally call you Daddy,

up to this moment when I call you Dad,

You’ve been there through all the stages of my life

and therefore I thank you with all my might.

You’re always there through my laughter and through my strife,

I love you Dad, you’ll always be my shining light.

I’ve said a lot but I want to tell you more,

To my dearest father who gave me the best of all,

I know I can’t thank you enough through this ode,

But in my mind and heart, your love I’ll forever hold.




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