InkTober[2016]: Challenge Accepted!

One day when I was sitting lazily on our couch and scrolling through my Instagram feed, my attention was caught on some amazing  works by the different art accounts I follow. I got more curious because they seem to have been made with the same medium:ink, so I started to read the post captions and it turned out that they also have the same inktober hashtag, which I found amusing because I realized that it was the month of October and it’s quite inventive. I assumed according to what it’s called that it has something to do with ink artworks for the month of October. As I read the posts and comments, I came to know that it’s about drawing using ink every day for the whole month of October. That’s 31 ink drawings at the end of the month. I was interested in doing it but since I had a lot of schoolwork, I don’t have the leisure of making one full ink drawing a day. Plus, I love colors so I seldom do any inking on my artworks,  I didn’t think it’ll help me much at that time.

I’ve been watching artists do inktober for years and I still didn’t have the initiative to do it. This 2016 I am determined to improve on art again. I admit I didn’t draw a lot these past few years, I was focused on adjusting to my new environment when I migrated here in New Zealand. So yeah. .I was stuck in my bubble for a while. That’s why I want to catch up to things and be productive double time. Just before the month of October came, I searched all about inktober. I’ve found its official site and watched videos about it. It was created by Jake Parker, a professional illustrator. I watched one of his videos talking about inktober and I’ve learned that he started it to get rid of his fear of applying ink to his artworks. It started with the hope that if he practiced using ink, he will gain confidence and be able to improve on his art. True to its purpose, it really helped him a lot and the works he showed in the video are amazing! If you want to know more about how he came up with inktober, here is the link to his video: Jake Parker’s Inktober History video



A screenshot of InkTober 2016 Prompt List  (credits to owner).


So after I’ve learned things about this trend I was more inspired to try it. Having to draw every day is a challenge in itself since I study full time, but I’d get nowhere if I wouldn’t try right? If you are reading this and you’re into art, I encourage you to try it too.Even though you don’t use ink as a medium, it’s always nice to broaden your knowledge. Remember that the key to mastery is practice, never-ending practice and that’s already proven and tested. I keep on reminding myself that I’ll never improve if I slack off so I don’t waste opportunities to grow not just an artist but as a person. Completing this task will require discipline, time management and a lot of effort so I’m sure there’s a lot to gain from it. I’ll be sharing my inktober drawings through the Gallery, which is the newest page on my blog site. From now on it will contain all the artworks I wanna share with you and hopefully it will encourage you to try your best too (I’d be happy if you’ll comment on them, constructive criticisms are very much welcome). I’ll stick to the official themes for this year (shown just above this paragraph ) since it’s my first time participating. I feel pretty nervous and excited due to the fact that a lot of artists will be doing it too. I’ve never done this before and I’m just a hobbyist so don’t get your hopes up, but you can trust that I’ll put my best effort into it. InkTober 2016, bring it on!




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