What I’m made of

For a girl who strives for versatility in everything she does, I have a lot of things I love doing. Even I am surprised sometimes on how the most random things interest me. They always say that in order to succeed, you should only focus on a particular talent you want to improve on, there are times when I want to agree with that but the more I force myself to pursue just one thing, the more I realize that I can’t live my life to the fullest if I give up the things I love. I want to be able to experiment and see how much I can master something. That’s the reason why I love challenges. The more effort I need to put into something, the more inspired I get in getting it right. I guess that’s how I roll.

With that mindset, I’ve come to enjoy different hobbies that even accumulated as I grow. My artistic passion went from just simply drawing (my blog post, Awaken your Creativity contains an anecdote of how it started) to doing crafts, painting, making designs, and DIYs. Although I’ve toned down in doing DIYs during my primary school days because a lot of them just went to the rubbish. Well. .what will you expect from a kid? I was just starting to learn that time. Nevertheless, my parents (probably to make up for the DIYs they threw.haha) and teachers’ encouragements pushed me to try harder and now I’m able to make DIYs that are useful and actually works. I’d probably share some of them in the future.


Some of the art materials I use.

Don’t call me a granny after this (though people who know me might consider me an old soul) but I enjoy cross-stitching, crocheting and sometimes doing hand sewn embroideries. I don’t do them regularly, I prefer to plan them ahead of time because they are time-consuming and so that my efforts will not come to waste. I remember doing them one  Christmas season when I was in high school (intermediate for others) so that I can earn some money on my own to buy presents for my friends. Spending the money you earned feels more special rather than asking for money so I asked my mom to help me in selling the cell phone pouches (see the rainbow pouch in the image below) I made. They were in trend at that time so they sold fast. I made 2 to 3 pouches per day so I can fill up orders at the end of the week. It’s such a nice experience to do what you love and at the same time gain something from it. The happy smiles my friends gave me when they received their gifts were priceless.



I like to experiment with yarns.


As for my other passion, singing, I’ve heard stories of my childhood from my parents where they always point out how enthusiastic I was with every music I hear on my radio. Yes, they’ve bought a radio for me when I was a kid it was even taller than me because of its huge speaker (lol). I will gladly dance when I hear the song “Macarena” and sing those old hits at the top of the table while holding a hair brush as if it’s a microphone. I didn’t just tell you how silly I was, did I? Oh well, we all had our fair share of childhood. Anyway, that radio must have piqued my interest in music because I remember vividly how I listen to it every afternoon and memorize every song it plays.Other people complimented me on how I get the notes right with such an early age and when I was in grade 2, my music teacher inspired me to pursue singing. I really love how she teaches us songs by singing from the heart and I thought I want to sing like that too.



Listening to music takes the loneliness and boredom away.


Being in a catholic school, I found myself honing my singing through joining the glee club. We sang songs of praise and I was contented with that. I must’ve inherited it from my grandmother(who is in heaven now) because I’ve heard a lot of stories of how she’s so active in singing for the church. I wasn’t confident enough to join solo singing contests since I just have a moderate voice and back then(and maybe until now), you need  to have an incredibly high toned voice to stand out. On the other hand, I joined chorale competitions which gave me some of the greatest moments I’ll always remember. The strenuous practices we had, the harmonies we’ve polished and the rush we feel when we finally go up the stage, those memories are really worth it. I still continue singing for the church until now and sometimes perform in small gatherings with family and friends.

I’m pretty sure that you’ve guessed by now what my other passion is, writing. I believe this passions sprouted through my love for reading. I bet every classmate I had knows what a bookworm I am. .scratch that. .what a book monster I am and I’m not going to deny it. I spent most of my free time at school in the library and literally filled my borrower’s card with stamps by borrowing every book that interests me, fiction or not. I was so enthusiastic about how many things I’ll learn through the resources I have, it felt like I have to make the most out of them. You might think I’m weird, which I admit I am though each one of us has their own weirdness(don’t you think?),  I feel sorry for those books just lying there on the shelves. They are meant to be opened! So I encourage you to do so. They’ll take you to magical places you’ve never even imagined I assure you. I would recommend you some of my favorite authors but this post will end up too long, I will have to make a separate post for that.

So I ended up blabbering about books. .back to my writing. Actually, it didn’t really sink into me until my high school days. Yes, I have loved writing lengthy articles and essays since I’ve learned how to but I just became aware of it rather later. Good thing I came to love subjects that have got to do with language and literature that gave me a good grasp on grammar and sentence construction. There are two events that inspired me to pursue writing, one of them is when my English teacher grouped us by two and asked us to choose who will do the impromptu and who will recite a poem in class. It turns out that we are not even in numbers so one group will have 3 members but then my teacher decided that I will do it on my own.  He told me in a manner that the whole class will hear “I think you can manage on your own, you can do it”. I think I froze at that time. First, because I don’t know if I can do it alone and second, I can’t believe how much he trusts my talent. Perplexed as I may be, I accepted the challenge and was fired up to do good in that activity. I wouldn’t want to let my teacher down.

Considering how inspired I was, I decided to write my own poem to present. Writing it didn’t come easy. I guess it’s  because I felt the pressure to make it as perfect as I can, something that will justify what my teacher had told me: I can do it. I was just satisfied with what I’d written the day before the presentation so I crammed my practice. I think it’s an advantage that I wrote my own poem because it was easier to portray it when the time came. After my performance, I handed him a printed copy of the poem and without even blinking gave me a perfect score. I was so grateful that I smiled so widely, he then got up his seat and held my paper up saying “This is what I’m looking for, don’t be afraid to write your own poem”. I admit I was afraid at the start, but that moment threw all that scare away.



Books + Writing = My Sanctuary


The second inspiring event that happened through my writing journey is when we had a contest on Shakespeare’s plays. I was chosen to be the scriptwriter for our group and I was so excited about it because who wouldn’t know about Shakespeare? Especially for avid readers like me. We were assigned his comedy “Twelfth Night”. The comedies he has written are known to be peculiar in some way so it was fun reading it and rewriting it in a simpler manner. It didn’t go all smooth though because I also have to direct my groupmates on how to act based on the script. The characters there needs a little cross-dressing which made it more complicated. When our dress rehearsals came, our teacher watched every group perform and she was a so disappointed on how ours came out. It was so all over the place and she said it was a shame because we had a good script. It wasn’t easy to convince my groupmates to do better since they lost hope with those comments but as I always do when I’m challenged, I didn’t give up. I explained to them what the story is all about as simple as I can and once they understood how it goes, we went on practicing. Slowly, I can see my groupmates gain interest and found it enjoyable to work through the play.

When the big day came, everyone gave it their all and surprisingly we won the third place. It was so fulfilling thinking how we went from the last place during rehearsals and climbed up to the third spot. Well, that wasn’t the biggest surprise yet in the competition. Aside from the best play, they also awarded the best script. I was all giddy when they asked all the scriptwriters to stand up and be recognized. Everyone including me was expecting for the best play to also win the best script but to our amazement, our group won it! Every struggle is worth it in the end. I’ve come to realize that if we take constructive criticisms and use them to our advantage, it will all work out for the best.

Having a passion for a lot of things isn’t that easy. The truth is, I might have made my life more complicated just by pursuing a lot of things rather than focusing in one direction. There are times when I even question myself what do your really want to do? I end up with a sigh as an answer of course but who needs that answer now? I’m still young and in the process of knowing myself more. So to everyone who is on the same page as me, don’t burden yourself too much. One way or another, you will find the answer you’re looking for. Don’t be afraid to pursue what you love, even if you have tons! I really think that the answer to what you want to do in life  will come naturally when you’ve come to know yourself more and the best way to do that is to do what you love. I can guarantee this because every time I do the things I’m passionate about, I find out more things about myself. I feel more like “me”, not the “me” in other people’s eyes but the “me” inside my heart. I am proud to say that these things make me who I am. They’re what I am made of. I am made  out of the people who encourage me as I strive to reach for my dreams, I am made out of my passion for several things that I cherish in life and I am made of every emotion and memories I’ll never forget. Yes, I am a work in progress, but I’ll never stop striving.







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