The adventure begins…

In the middle of our weird, wacky, unpredictable and sometimes chaotic lives,  we find ourselves crave for that sure yet dangerous thing called an adventure. We are sure to get some unforgettable memories with it but we’re never sure what kind we’d get. Some people just take it simply because of the rush and thrill it gives, others plan for it to ensure their destinations and more often than not, people ignore that craving because of the fear of what lies ahead. Nevertheless, we are all adventurers in a journey called life and little by little whether we like it or not, we have to take that first step and move forward.

As for me, writing this blog is one of my ways to share with you how I take on this adventure and hopefully, grow with you in the process . Self-improvement is one thing but when you improve with others it can do all kinds of wonders and be a lot more inspiring. Isn’t it fun to go on adventures with friends? That’s what I’m aiming for in making this blog.

Nowadays, it’s so easy to learn new things. We can just search it and voila! All kinds of meanings and how-tos are given. It may be effective for a lot of people but nothing beats the old-school way of learning, and yes it involves schooling. We grew up in school with all kinds of classmates and teachers, therefore we are inclined to peer-to-peer learning wherein we learn with other people. So, my dear friends, I encourage you to give feedbacks on my posts and raise up your ideas. Who knows? Someone might be having a hard time and needs some of your cool advice to get them going. In return, I’ll definitely make time to read what you all have to say and give my feedbacks too.

Before ending my very first post, I’ll leave you with my very own list of must-haves on taking life’s adventures. I hope you’ll be able to bring them in all of your adventures too.

Adventure must-haves:

  1. Courage

As they always say, starting something is the most difficult part. How can you begin a journey when you don’t even have the courage to take that first step? Honestly, I was always reluctant of starting a blog. My mind was filled with doubts like “I might run out of ideas to write” or “Will I be able to write something interesting?” and all that scary stuff. If I’d let those words stop me then I wouldn’t be sharing my thoughts with you now. I will always be having ideas that I cannot share and that will be scarier. So when you go through these fearsome moments when you even contradict yourself, just pause and think about how these things can’t stop you because what you want to achieve is more worth it. 

2. Experiences

In our ever-changing world, what we hold onto to survive is our own experiences. We make our decisions based on what we’ve experienced from the past and that’s what we need to continue that first step we took to begin. We should use these to plan our next steps and choose which paths to take. There will be times when we will falter but that will only just add to our experiences and make us wiser. Just remember that no experience is entirely useless, we always learn something from it. Either we learn to do the same things which give us good results or we learn to avoid making mistakes the second time around.

3. Confidence

Now that you have the courage to start and experiences to continue, you should now have the confidence to move forward. Every day, you become wiser. Maybe you don’t notice it but you are, so be confident in risking the future. Have faith in your abilities that you can move forward whatever obstacle you might bump into. Be able to tell yourself “I got you” because, at the end of the day, you’re the one who will be walking in those shoes and the one who will be taking on your own life’s adventure, not anyone else. Make it awesome.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your courage, pack your experiences, wear your confidence and let’s begin living life to the fullest.




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